Matched Betting in Ireland: Profit with These Strategies



Are you an Irish lad or lassie looking to make a few quid? Maybe you’ve heard of matched betting. This technique allows you to leverage bookmakers’ promotions and free bets to guarantee a profit. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of matched betting and discuss its legality in Ireland.

Understanding Matched Betting

Matched betting is a method that allows you to take advantage of bookmakers’ offers, ensuring a profit regardless of the outcome. By placing both a “back” bet (betting for a specific outcome) and a “lay” bet (betting against that outcome) on a betting exchange, you can cover all possibilities and secure a profit.

How Does Matched Betting Work?

Let’s break down the process into simple steps:

  1. Start with a reputable platform: To begin your matched betting journey in Ireland, it’s recommended to use a reliable platform like Oddsmonkey. They provide helpful tools, resources, and support to make your experience smoother.
  2. Explore available offers: Oddsmonkey, among other platforms, offers a range of promotions from different bookmakers. Take your time to find a suitable free bet offer that interests you.
  3. Place your bets: Once you’ve chosen an offer, you’ll place your initial “back” bet on a specific outcome with the bookmaker. Simultaneously, you’ll place a “lay” bet against the same outcome on a betting exchange, such as Betfair. By carefully calculating the stakes, you ensure a balanced position.
  4. Secure your profit: Regardless of the outcome, you’re guaranteed a profit or minimal loss. If your back bet wins, you make a profit from the bookmaker’s free bet. If your lay bet wins, you profit from the lay bet at the betting exchange.
  5. Repeat and maximize earnings: With numerous bookmakers offering free bets, you can continue the matched betting process, accumulating profits over time.

The Legality of Matched Betting in Ireland

Matched betting is legal in Ireland. However, it’s important to note that while matched betting is legal, it’s essential to comply with the terms and conditions set by the bookmakers.


Matched betting provides a risk-free opportunity for individuals in Ireland to boost their betting profits. Effectively utilize this strategy, take advantage of bookmakers’ offers, and guarantee a profit. Choose Oddsmonkey for expert guidance throughout your matched betting journey. Start exploring matched betting today and enhance your betting experience in Ireland!

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